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Hello, I'm Michiel
an awesome web developer
For many projects, I prefer taking a design first approach.

Engaging client and user through useful and beautiful design. Juggling with tools as CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator.
I can spend hours analysing and coding complex and interactive systems.

Fitting the parts together into functional applications, leveraging tools like PHP, JavaScript, HTML and Java.
Perhaps the most important of the web today.

I'm often targeting mobile devices through fluid responsive design, mobile-first apps or Android programming.
When I'm not out enjoying a good and lovely music, you'll probably find me climbing somewhere.
I can spend hours reading, mostly non-fiction and philosophical works of different authors.
As a big fan of the outdoors, I hope to travel around the world more in the future.
I have a passion for both musical events and organizing. So, I've combined those into some succesful events.